1 bedroom apartment for rent

Aug 6 2020

Websites to find rentals-Websites to find rentals

Websites to find rentals Websites to find rentals America latest news Websites to find rentals Holiday Rentals – Advice Holiday Rentals – Advice by Anna Lena Rosen A holiday is a hard-earned luxury for most of us, so getting all the details just right is crucial. We all want to return from our holiday with tales of sun, sea, suntans and wonderful experiences, not with stories about our holiday from hell! There can be pitfalls to travelling, but if you follow our guide you can make absolutely certain that your holiday will be a dream and not a nightmare. Where …

Jul 31 2020

Rent to own place near me-Rent to own place near me

Rent to own place near me Rent to own place near me Recent news headlines Rent to own place near me House and lot installment plan / rent to own – Portland, ME Item details Contacts Item description Chessa Single Attached HOUSE FEATURES:Floor Area: 90 sq. m.Lot Area: 100 sq. m.no. of Bedrooms: 3no. of Toilet and Bath: 3Living/Dining/Kitchen Area/Service Area/Balcony/Provision for Lanai/Provision for two-car garage/Option for a Family Enclave HOUSE FINISHES:Pre-Painted GI sheet Roofing * Combination of painted sand blast and plain cement finishes with tile accents for exterior walls *Painted plain cement finish for interior walls *Powder coated …